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Everyone knows that the global financial elite have elaborate ways to avoid paying tax and hide the sources of their money but not many of us understand just how convoluted the tax dodging schemes can be.

Remember the days when you used to queue all night for a new iPhone? So passé. The WSJ reports on the new line forming in awe of the consumer new kid on the block - Tesla, the new Model 3 to be exact. Lines started forming yesterday at Tesla showrooms around the world.

“Melting of Ice Sheet Could Flood Coastal Cities by 2100”. That’s the cheery headline screaming out of The New York Times this morning, doing its utmost to compete with the latest Trumpian descent into indignity.

The UK steel industry was one of the major drivers of the global industrial revolution but, following Tata Steel’s decision to sell all its UK plants and assets, this entire sector could be on the point of no return.