Unicef shows there's no vaccine for violence

New research from UNICEF reveals that 340 individuals under the age of 20 die every day as a result of violence. Millions more live in fear of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. While UNICEF has vaccinated over a third of the world’s children – protecting them from illness and disease – there is no vaccination for violence.

Unilever combines with Save the Children to provide basic nutrition

Partnering with Save the Children, Unilever’s Every One campaign aims to offer 2 million children in developing countries basic nutrition by 2016.

Unlearn steers Ford towards mobility

It used to be that automakers wanted to talk about the thrill of driving their vehicles and little else. Now though, as they face up to the challenges of climate change emissions, the advent of self-driving cars and ever greater sustainability concerns, automakers are looking to emphasize the larger role they play in society.

Wells Fargo tells African American Untold Stories

Wells Fargo's Untold Stories campaign, launched in 2014, focuses on the lives of African Americans through social storytelling.

What's the story behind bottled water?

The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day), uses an eight-minute video to tell the story of how we got to a position where people are willing to pay for bottled water, when they have a virtually free supply in their kitchen tap.  

Why United Airlines hit the wrong notes in YouTube protest

In March 2008, musician Dave Carroll had his guitar abused by baggage handlers while traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Adding insult to injury, Carroll could see the damage being done. For the next 12 months Carroll tried (without success) to navigate United Airlines customer service seeking $1200 in compensation.


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