Pley makes sharing Lego easy

As any parent knows, kids have an insatiable desire for new toys but that desire is rarely matched by their enthusiasm to play with those toys once you’ve bought them. The result is a lot of money spent and a lot of neglected or half constructed toys.

Renault's race to EV power

French manufacturer Renault has been busy in the world of Electric Vehicles. Not only is it one of the few mass manufacturers to have more than a single EV model, but also the EV racing championship, Formula E, uses all Renault cars.

Santam creates app to help keep a watchful eye on loved ones

The Be Safe App from South Africa’s Santam Insurance enables your loved ones to know where you are at any time - so they can be reassured that you’ve reached your destination, for instance, or are hiking in your favorite location.

SAP shares TwoGo for smarter commuting

The daily commute is an experience shared by millions of people around the world. But most of the time, that’s where the sharing ends - most commuters are going it alone, rather than sharing the vehicles they use, or the costs and emissions associated with car ownership.

Sears LGBT wedding video reinforces its diversity credentials

The department store chain Sears produced a short video of four same-sex wedding ceremonies which took place during the 2014 Chicago Pride Parade - the first since Illinois’ marriage equality law had taken effect.

Siemens creates Answers to tell sustainability stories

A major corporation such as Siemens has a wealth of stories to tell. Answers is a brand campaign that tells these stories through these high-quality mini-documentaries.

Sony uses YouTube to crowdsource Futurescapes

Building on the success of 2011’s Open Ideas, Sony partnered with Forum for the Future along with media outfits The Guardian, Wired and Economist Intelligence unit, and challenged the online community to imagine what the world of 2025 will look like and the role technology might play in creating a more sustai

Stella Artois wants you to buy a lady a drink in support of water charity

750 million people around the world have no access to clean water. It’s a crisis that disproportionately affects women, many of whom walk for hours every day to collect water for their family.

Under Armour and Gisele stand up for a positive self-image

Traditionally marketed to a male audience, outdoor and sports clothing brand Under Armour aimed to broaden its appeal to women with its ‘I Will What I Want Campaign’, featuring video stories of top sporting women who have

Understanding the Circular Economy through animation

The circular economy has been the focus for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation since it was founded in 2010.  The organization, led by the British round-the-world sailor, works across three interlinked areas - education, business, and analysis, with the mission “to accelerate the transition to a circular economy”.


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