How Gap's One Stitch Closer connected through authenticity

“Women are the fabric that holds the world together”, Gap’s 2014 campaign One Stitch Closer told us. “When a woman moves ahead, we all do.”

Johnnie Walker makes a smashing race car stunt to discourage drink driving

Whisky brand Johnnie Walker teamed up with Uber for this Christmas 2014 feature, an extension of its larger Join the Pact drink/drive campaign.

Johnson's Daddy Diaries demonstrates that the fun resides in fatherhood

Being a dad is not like being a mom - you have to build the connection with your kids. That’s a message from one of the dads in this video series from Johnson’s Baby UK and Ireland brand.

Kimberly-Clark shows how Toilets Change Lives

In the West, we may complain if we have to use a restroom with no paper or a broken seat, but more than two billion people around the world - almost a third of the population - don’t even have access to clean water and basic sanitation.

McDonald's stresses authenticity through supplier stories

Probably the most well-known fast food brand on the planet, McDonald’s has faced its fair share of criticism, which is often focused on supply chains, production methods and ingredients sourcing.

Naked Juice tackles "food deserts"

Nearly 24 million Americans live in “food deserts” with no access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Nissan's Leaf campaign makes the people's case for EVs

Nissan’s Leaf, with a range of between 75 and 84 miles and capable of charging in as little time as one half hour, is one of the most user-friendly EV on the market today.

NSPCC says don't share your willy

Parents these days are scared to let their kids play outside - at least that’s what we hear. It’s safer, they reason, to keep them indoors, where they can’t get into trouble and nobody can hurt them. But if indoor play involves an internet connection and any kind of social sharing, then indoors can be just as hazardous as the playground or street.

Oreo encourages all of us to "open up"

As the world’s favorite cookie, Oreo is a powerful brand, with the potential to reach and influence a vast global market. The Open Up with Oreo campaign urges us to open up to people who are different from us, and  discover the similarities.

Panera has a story to tell about its anti antibiotic stand

St.Louis based bakery chain Panera Bread has been using antibiotic-free chicken since 2004, by sourcing exclusively from farmers with the required operating methods. It even helped those same farmers scale up their operations to meet its antibiotic-free demand, which has grown by approximately 350%.


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