Coca-Cola explains plant bottle technology with animated video

It takes billions of plastic bottles to help Coca-Cola get its products in the hands of consumers. The sustainability concerns around petroleum-based plastic bottles are well documented, so a move towards more environmentally friendly bottles is definitely a step in the right direction.

Dove says No Likes Needed

For many people, especially the young, and especially girls, self-image is a serious issue. Dove UK's #NoLikesNeeded campaign aimed to persuade girls that they shouldn’t judge their beauty because of the number of "likes" their selfies get on social media.

Duracell powers forward with emergency relief

When a natural disaster strikes, we tend to think of food, water, shelter, and medical aid as the most urgent needs. But power is equally vital.

Eli Lilly offers cancer relief through art with Hope Murals Project

Among the many ways people find to deal with cancer, painting has emerged as a favorite. Large, colorful paintings in particular provide a defiant and positive statement.

FedEx's dodgy delivery gets YouTubed

At time some time or other we’ve all suspected our local delivery service of mishandling the parcels that arrive particularly worse for wear. In late 2011 one US homeowner caught a FedEx employee doing just that thanks to footage from his home security camera.

Ford's F-150 campaign tells the story of American industry

Ford's This Built America is a patriotic campaign focused on the rebuilding of American industry.

Gatorade inspires young athletes with Win from Within

Gatorade’s Win From Within campaign began life as a showcase for the stories of sports professionals - aspirational role models for the brand’s target market of young athletes.

Google's "And You" ad makes a strong diversity statement

Similar to competitors, Apple, tech giant Google has recently shifted its stance on diversity to one of active advocacy.

H&M shows why it's the height of fashion to recycle

It’s ok for blondes to wear yellow, and redheads to wear red. It’s fine to wear socks with sandals, and it’s fine to stand out, or blend in. You can try too hard or not try at all. There are no rules in fashion, except to recycle your clothes.

How Climate Reality applied the pressure pre-COP21

The Climate Reality Project produced this two-minute video as an ‘open letter’ to world leaders, as they looked ahead to COP21, the UN climate change conference held in Paris in December 2015.


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