7Up designs a music experience for deaf ears

“Music is the fuel for living it UP”, 7Up’s campaign website tells us. “It connects us, moves us, and makes us feel alive.” But what if you can’t hear it?

AkzoNobel makes paint cool (and sustainable)

In hot climates, a lot of energy is used to keep buildings cool, because they heat so rapidly in the baking sun. So AkzoNobel developed a paint that reflects heat - keeping the interior cooler, and minimizing the need for air con or other cooling devices.

Always shows we should all want to be like a girl

Most girls in the United States - 72% of them according to one study  - feel that society limits them, especially during puberty, when their confidence is already low.

Apple's Diversity Initiative

Apple has worked hard to be seen as a diverse and inclusive employer, particularly towards the LGBT and ethnic minority communities. The Californian tech giant announced in September 2014 the creation of two new college scholarships, aimed at getting more students from a minority background into the tech industry.

AT&T turns to talking heads for sustainability report

Taking a different approach to the increasingly popular video version of a sustainability report, in 2011 AT&T chose to provide short "talking head" video introductions to the different sections of its report.

Autism speaks in Ad Council awareness campaign

Autism affects many more children than ever before - about 1 kid in 68 is on the autism spectrum these days, an increase in prevalence of more than 100% in a decade. If parents recognize the symptoms early enough and seek help, it can make a big difference to their child’s education and lifestyle.

Axe/Lynx understand men are work in progress

Lynx, the brand name for Axe in the UK and some other markets, for a long time ran humorous campaigns which focused on the power of Unilever’s male-grooming range to make men attractive to women.

BP gets smart with YouTube quiz

Corporate reporting has seen an injection of innovation in recent times, with big brands waking up to the fact that long, text-heavy PDF documents don’t make for particularly scintillating reading, and that engaging and interactive reports are a more effective way of relaying information.

Chevy's Volt gets checked on its reality marketing

General Motors’ pioneering electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, caught the eyes of the US public back in 2012, thanks to its gay and lesbian market-targeted “Mom, Dad. I’m electric” ad campaign for Detroit’s Motor City Pride.

Climate Desk paints the big picture of climate change with YouTube video

A 30-second animation of global temperature change doesn’t sound like it has the makings of a YouTube hit - not without Taylor Swift or Katy Perry making an appearance; but this simple little video, created by Climate Desk - journal