BT's Vine-grown sustainability storytelling

British communications and media giant BT launched its Better Future strategy in 2013 - a three-point plan to improve customers’ lives and society more widely, including a focus on sustainability and carbon reduction.

Coca-Cola's Earth Day Vine

Coca-Cola marked Earth Day 2014 with this animation to inspire recycling. What could your discarded Coke bottle become? The answers include headphones, a jacket, and paint. It’s a simple message, simply told, which could indeed encourage more recycling.  

GE's six second science on Vine

GE’s Six Second Science on the Vine mobile platform looks to educate about energy and other issues with fun science experiments.

Intel uses Vine to tell a Winter's IoT tale

Intel technology brightens the holidays in this Christmas-themed Vine. An unlit Christmas living room scene comes to life, as tree lights and the fire are turned on via an Internet of Thing's connected tablet held in front of the camera.

Philips uses Vine for recycling show

Recycling isn’t necessarily the most entertaining topic, and it’s not easy to tell a recycling story in six seconds, but Philips makes a good effort in this geeky piece of Vinery.

QUIT turns to Vine for No Tobacco Day

It’s a shocking statistic, but a horribly convenient one - a smoker dies every six seconds, exactly the length of a Vine video. The NGO QUIT created this antismoking Vine for World No Tobacco Day.

Toyota captures kids' car dreams on Vine

Toyota invited children from around the world to draw their dream car designs. It then animated the best into Vines.