Mars explains the cocoa sourcing trail

Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Mars Inc, whose portfolio of brands includes snickers, M&Ms and more, wanted to show stakeholders where its chocolate comes from, where it’s made, how it’s certified and ultimately how it gets to your mouth.

Mondelez promotes better nutrition through product information

In an attempt to have a positive impact on nutrition as well as expand into growing market segment, Mondelez has been working on improving nutritional value of its products.

Sourced by George spotlights transparent information

Provenance has always been a key focus for George at ASDA, which has been selling stylish and affordable clothes since 1990.

WWF's secret soy alert

Most of us in the western world eat way more soy than we probably think. How so? Because it’s in the meat products that fill our fridges and that we include in many of our meals.