FedEx's dodgy delivery gets YouTubed

At time some time or other we’ve all suspected our local delivery service of mishandling the parcels that arrive particularly worse for wear. In late 2011 one US homeowner caught a FedEx employee doing just that thanks to footage from his home security camera.

When Comcast was caught napping on the couch

We’ve all had that suspicion when talking on the phone to cable/satellite/phone customer service that they could be nodding off just as we’re trying to describe our digital problem. Back in 2006 one Comcast cable guy actually did fall asleep while on the job in customer Barry Finkelstein’s apartment, on his couch to be exact.

Why United Airlines hit the wrong notes in YouTube protest

In March 2008, musician Dave Carroll had his guitar abused by baggage handlers while traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Adding insult to injury, Carroll could see the damage being done. For the next 12 months Carroll tried (without success) to navigate United Airlines customer service seeking $1200 in compensation.

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