NGO Campaign

Cargo Cruelty campaign pushed airlines to stop transporting primates for research

With over 100 years of animal protection and advocacy, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)  turned its attention toward the airline industry in 2011.

Disney takes a clear cut stance against deforestation

Deforestation is fast becoming the major environmental problem for many developing countries - notably Indonesia and Malaysia. Clear cutting vast swathes of tropical forests endangers local wildlife, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and severely damages the long term employment prospects of local people who depend on the farming of rubber and sago.

How Brent Spar put consumer activism on the map

Brent Spar was an oil storage platform located in the North Sea operated by Shell (UK). In 1995 the British government confirmed Shell's proposal to dispose of the oil platform by sinking it. Greenpeace reacted by organising a high profile, global media campaign against sinking it that targeted both established media and also made good use of the World Wide Web which was still in its infancy.

How Doritos got hit over palm oil in 2015 Super Bowl campaign

‘A Cheesy Love Story’ is sub-titled ‘The Ad Doritos Don’t Want You to See’, and the PepsiCo brand was predictably unhappy with this parody commercial from consumer advocacy organization, SumOfUs.

How Selfridges shed its fur policy

In 2005, the London department store, Selfridges, found itself a central targets for anti-fur protests. The activist organisation, the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), staged weekly demonstrations outside shops and flooded manager emails and phone lines with fur free requests (their details having been published on CAFT’s website).

Johnson & Johnson cleans up after Toxic Tub report

In 2011, Johnson & Johnson finally promised to reformulate all of its baby products to remove a formaldehyde-releasing preservative. The move was in response to continued activist pressure from the the US Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) over the use of harmful chemicals products produced by J&J along with other consumer goods companies. 

Johnson & Johnson scrubs environmentally damaging microbeads

Microbeads are the tiny plastic balls that you find in face and shower creams, designed to help exfoliate the skin. The major problem with these beads is their size - they’re too small to be caught by our water filtration systems, and so end up out at sea.

PepsiCo improves on palm oil but could do better says NGOs

The production of palm oil is fraught with sustainability issues - deforestation, loss of habitat and irreversible land degradation being the major issues. This is bad news for a majority of the world’s food production and personal care product companies, as palm oil is a key ingredient in many of their products.

Subway offers a fair deal on sustainable sourcing

The large scale farming of foods like beef and palm oil naturally requires a lot of land. Increasingly, tropical forest is being clear cut to access that land.

Survival International glitzy campaign against De Beers

A mining deposit owned by De Beers became a topic of controversy when Survival International, a human rights organization, led a campaign to stop diamond mining in south-eastern part of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Gope) where a group of Bushman had allegedly been pushed off their land.


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