Internet of Things

Apple hopes HomeKit becomes central to controlling your home

The HomeKit is the tech framework Apple hopes will become the digital gateway for the smart homes of the future. As a central hub for interconnectivity, the HomeKit would act as a link between the smartphone that a homeowner controls and each of the devices that monitor or control an aspect of the home.

AT&T demonstrates tech sustainability with Connect to Good

Like many companies AT&T is looking to demonstrate its credentials in an increasingly connected world. Its Connect to Good initiative shows how the company harnesses technology, including the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality, to further sustainability.

Chicago's Array of Things connects the city for good urban living

The Array of Things is a Chicago-based project that takes its inspiration from the Internet of Things in that it uses a series of sensory devices dotted around the city to collect a variety of information on the local environment.

Evrythng retrofits everything for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has the capability to transform our lives through devices being able to relay data to us and us being able to access, and work with this data, remotely. The drawback is that each of us already has a household full of things that aren’t ready to be used in such a manner - and this is where Evrythng steps in.

FordPass aims to smarten up mobility

Ford’s ambition to become a mobility organization, instead of simply an auto manufacturer, has taken a leap forward with FordPass - an app-based membership program, free to anyone, even if they don’t own a Ford.

Honda plugs into IBM to develop a smarter EV battery

Electric vehicles (EVs) are going to play a big part in the future of our personal mobility, but many people have reservations about EVs that need to be addressed before they become part of the mainstream. For instance, how do I know how far I can travel on my current battery charge? Where is the nearest charging station? Has the battery degraded at all?

IBM brings its smarts to buildings with Johnson Controls

IBM’s Smarter Buildings is a management system that goes beyond using sensors and metering to provide software that enables analytics to better understand where energy could be saved.

Intel uses Vine to tell a Winter's IoT tale

Intel technology brightens the holidays in this Christmas-themed Vine. An unlit Christmas living room scene comes to life, as tree lights and the fire are turned on via an Internet of Thing's connected tablet held in front of the camera.

Logbar's one ring to rule the home

California and Tokyo-based startup Logbar has been busy developing one of the most ambitious of the major wearable tech projects.

Philips aims to light up the dark

In some of Europe’s most northerly cities one of the implications of very short winter days is that children have fewer opportunities to play outdoors.