Adobe calls on digital artists to beat the bullies

Software and cloud services company Adobe has joined forces with social action campaign, the BULLY project – inspired by the movie BULLY – to launch 

BASF's Creator Space inspires collaboration, discussion and action

Creator Space is BASF’s collaborative online space where users can join industry experts to share and discuss ways to produce tangible solutions to a range of economic, environmental and societal challenges.

Clorox taps into viral flu conversation to stop the spread

‘Going viral’ takes on a new meaning (well old actually), when the topic is the flu.

Co-op group reaches out to the crowd with Let's Talk campaign

The UK-based Co-op Group - a mutual organization, owned by its 8 million members -  suffered major reputational damage in 2013, with a £1.5bn capital shortfall and its former chairman questioned by police about drug abuse.

GE 3D prints its way to greater construction efficiency

General Electric is one of the companies best poised to take advantage of 3D printing. From being able to eliminate more waste from production to being able to manufacture parts for aircraft on demand and on location, there are many sustainability benefits.

GE uses its Ecomagination

Launched in 2010, GE’s Ecomagination Challenge is an ongoing and highly successful social media-inspired crowdsourcing initiative to foster innovation towards realizing projects such as a smart grid, clean energy and eco-friendly homes, buildings and cars.

IBM connects people to rethink smarter city living

We’ve seen many examples of corporations presenting their ideas and success stories to make our cities smarter and more sustainable, and as a global tech leader, you’d expect IBM to be at the forefront.

Kadi Energy offers rural recharging

With an estimated 24 million mobile phones in the country, Ghana is pretty well connected yet only 40% of the population has access to a stable supply of electricity. Kadi Energy is a US-based startup that is aiming to provide the energy to power a mobile phone to the other 60%.

Lego's limited edition gender play

After a little girl’s letter to Lego requesting more female figures and adventures for girls went viral at the start of 2014, the company stepped up to the plate and released a toy line called Research Institute&nbsp

Nissan and MSN combine for Project Innovation

Project Innovation is a co-branded campaign and competition run by Nissan and Microsoft's MSN challenged UK readers to come up with new ideas that will change the way we connect with our cars while giving Nissan and Microsoft a platform to talk about innovation in motoring.