Charity + Foundations

Alstom highlights its foundation with Tumblr

The Alstom Foundation was established in 2007 to support and fund projects proposed by Alstom’s 93,000 employees across 100 countries.

ChangeIt rounds up cashless transactions for charitable giving

Donating to charity is all about convenience, with studies showing that around a quarter of people feel more inclined to give to charity when it is convenient for them.

Deutsche Bank Urban Age Awards promote sustainable city life

The annual Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award offers $100,000 to a project that improves lives in some of the world’s poorest urban environments. The seventh awards, based in Delhi, saw the prize shared between two projects, Chintan and Goonj, chosen by an independent panel, from 135 applications.

Fleet Forum puts a premium on transportation safety

The numbers around road traffic accidents are scary: 1.3 million people killed each year, and many more seriously injured; and traffic-related deaths are the biggest killer of those aged 5 to 29.

Ford's Warrior in Pink offers sartorial support for breast cancer fight with its own apparel

Ford Motor Company has been involved in the fight against breast cancer for more than two decades, and has raised $128 million for the cause. Its Warriors in Pink apparel is at the forefront of the fund-raising drive to help build awareness that leads to proactive self-care and to support research and education.

Gillette recruits rugby league stars to tackle Movember

Movember is an annual awareness campaign during November in the UK when men are encouraged to grow luxuriant mustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. 

Girls Who Code say Hire Me!

Girls Who Code is a nationwide program that aims to close the gender gap in tech. It aims to inspire girls to pursue computer science by exposing them to real life and on screen role models. In 1984, 37% of all computer science graduates were women, but today that number is just 18%.

Heinz tackles iron deficiency anemia with micronutrient campaign

The Heinz Micronutrient campaign aims to tackle a very particular aspect of the nutrition issue in the developing world - iron-deficiency anemia.

How Aviva connected to community with Street to School

Aviva’s five-year Street to School program came to an end in December 2014, and produced some impressive numbers.

Love Has No Labels becomes smash PSA hit

The Ad Council's ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign has been a blockbuster for the nonprofit PSA maker.