Brand Campaign

Rediscover Nature encourages Nature Valley

The General Mills cereal bars sold as Nature Valley have enjoyed a long-running campaign called ‘Get Out There’, highlighting the supposed link between the snack and the great outdoors.

REI wants you to Opt Outside of shopping

We have seen plenty of campaigns encouraging people to get outdoors, but rarely - if ever - do they go as far as REI’s Opt Outside.

Schneider Electric shines a light on connectivity with Life is On campaign

The ‘Life Is On’ campaign gives a human dimension to an industrial brand, Schneider Electric, by spotlighting the services it provides to customers through technologies that enable distributed and connected energy.

Siemens creates Answers to tell sustainability stories

A major corporation such as Siemens has a wealth of stories to tell. Answers is a brand campaign that tells these stories through these high-quality mini-documentaries.

Sky seeks to inspire with its Academy

The UK’s biggest pay-TV broadcaster, Sky is aiming to reach a million young people by 2020 through its longstanding CSR initative, Sky Academy.

Smirnoff raises a glass to inclusivity with Deaf Dancers

Diageo-owned vodka brand Smirnoff stepped up its inclusivity campaign ‘We’re Open’ in 2016, with a video that broke new ground by telling a personal story for the first time.

Sony uses YouTube to crowdsource Futurescapes

Building on the success of 2011’s Open Ideas, Sony partnered with Forum for the Future along with media outfits The Guardian, Wired and Economist Intelligence unit, and challenged the online community to imagine what the world of 2025 will look like and the role technology might play in creating a more sustai

Starwood serves up sustainable luxury

One of the big communications challenges around sustainability is overcoming the idea that being green means being mean. Our favorite luxuries are frivolous and wasteful, right? Well, not necessarily.

Stella Artois wants you to buy a lady a drink in support of water charity

750 million people around the world have no access to clean water. It’s a crisis that disproportionately affects women, many of whom walk for hours every day to collect water for their family.

TD Bank makes today matter with CSR campaign

We could probably all come up with an idea to help our community, if we had the money, right? Well, what if a bank gave you the money - say $30,000 - and you got to make that idea a reality today?


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