Brand Campaign

Honey Nut Cheerios campaigns to bring back the bees

The famous ‘Buzz’ bee character, who goes with Honey Nut Cheerios as closely as milk, disappeared from packaging in Canada from March 2016. Buzz’s absence was highlighted by a white space on the packet - a move to highlight declining bee numbers around the world, and to encourage customers to help #BringBackTheBees

How Gap's One Stitch Closer connected through authenticity

“Women are the fabric that holds the world together”, Gap’s 2014 campaign One Stitch Closer told us. “When a woman moves ahead, we all do.”

IBM connects people to rethink smarter city living

We’ve seen many examples of corporations presenting their ideas and success stories to make our cities smarter and more sustainable, and as a global tech leader, you’d expect IBM to be at the forefront.

Ikea's second hand sale success

As part of an eight-week ad campaign, IKEA created a virtual flea market for its used furniture in Norway. Ads were created for each piece of furniture and incorporated the seller’s contact details so individuals could arrange the sales independently. IKEA’s own furniture sales figures during this time still somehow managed to increase. 

Intel looks to the Maker Movement to encourage more girls into tech and computing

The fact that women are underrepresented in computer science and engineering is a familiar message, yet some of the facts behind it still come as a surprise.

Jordans partners with farms to protect biodiversity

British cereal manufacturer Jordans is working with farmers and environmentalists to make farmland more ecologically friendly.

Kenco hopes coffee can save kids from gang violence

San Pedro Sula is reputedly the most dangerous city in the world. For many young Hondurans there and across the country, gangs are a way of life - often seen as the only way to survive in a society that offers little prospects of making a living legitimately.

Microsoft's CityNext joins the smart city movement

Around half the world’s population lives in cities, and that will grow to 70% by 2050. People are flocking into cities in ever greater numbers, and now 80% of the world’s GDP is created in cities.

Nissan and MSN combine for Project Innovation

Project Innovation is a co-branded campaign and competition run by Nissan and Microsoft's MSN challenged UK readers to come up with new ideas that will change the way we connect with our cars while giving Nissan and Microsoft a platform to talk about innovation in motoring.


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