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BASF's Creator Space inspires collaboration, discussion and action

Creator Space is BASF’s collaborative online space where users can join industry experts to share and discuss ways to produce tangible solutions to a range of economic, environmental and societal challenges.

Bodyform's Blood breaks the period and exercise taboo

Women wanting to keep fit face a problem, which their male counterparts don’t - their period. So Bodyform, a leading UK feminine protection brand, launched - a campaign to show women how to keep training and enjoying activity throughout the menstrual cycle.

Cascadian Farm Organic urges us to Bee Friendlier

General Mills-owned organic food brand Cascadian Farm has always taken a green approach to its produce, focusing on recycling and sustainability.

Citi looks to enable society with its Progress Makers

Most great ideas need money behind them, or they remain just ideas instead of a reality. Citi’s Progress Makers program recognizes there are people out there who have ideas that can change the world. They just need a bank that believes in them.

ConAgra aims to help end child hunger through "code" campaign

ConAgra Foods has been supporting efforts to fight child hunger in the USA since the mid-90s. Its current aim with the campaign, Child Hunger Ends Here, is to put 3 million meals on the table for kids who are food insecure this year.

CVS puts money where its mouth is to stop smoking

Want to quit smoking, but don’t know where to get help? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the sources of support and guidance and don’t know where to turn? Either way, pharmacy chain CVS aims to provide the answer with its Quit Smoking Hub.

Dettol pushes for clean hands in India to reduce disease

Diarrhea is a killer in many parts of the world, and in countries such as India it is one of the primary causes of death among young children.

Dow rallies for recycling

As we’ve seen with its Make It Last campaign, Dow likes people to make a formal commitment.

Dow's Make it Last battles waste

Each year an estimated 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste - that’s a third of all the food produced for human consumption, and would be enough to feed the 800 million people who go hungry.

Dr. Pepper calls on the crowd to help fund college kids

Dr Pepper has been holding tuition giveaways since 2008, awarding more than $6m to students to help them achieve their goals. This year, the drinks brand is offering $1 million in support by asking entrants to upload a profile to the Dr Pepper Tuition site outlining their personal life goal.


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