LAUNCH seeks system change through sustainable innovation

LAUNCH is an open innovation platform which aims to identify and develop big ideas that will make the world more sustainable. It’s an ambitious goal, but it involves some very big players in NASA, Nike, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. Department of State.

Light Bandit looks to shine sunlight into our homes and lives

It is a too common occurrence that while the sun is shining outside, we are inside using electricity to light the room.

Microsoft's 3D Builder provides app platform for bespoke design and build

3D printing enables designers to share their creations which can then be created anywhere in the world.

Nissan and MSN combine for Project Innovation

Project Innovation is a co-branded campaign and competition run by Nissan and Microsoft's MSN challenged UK readers to come up with new ideas that will change the way we connect with our cars while giving Nissan and Microsoft a platform to talk about innovation in motoring.

Nokia's 215 offers a key communication bridge in emerging economies

Microsoft’s Nokia smartphone business is pretty much dead in the water but the company’s lower spec, reliable and sturdy internet enabled phones still have appeal - particularly in emerging economies where connectivity can greatly improve aspects of healthcare, education, democracy and safety.

Norway's Powerhouse project points to true sustainable design

Imagine a building that actually created more energy than it consumed during its lifetime, a building that integrated renewable energy creation seamlessly into its structure without compromising its design.

Ocean buoys that generate electricity

Sea buoys have been used for hundreds of years, starting off as navigational or warning markers before being adapted for use as sea and weather monitors.

Samsung innovates road safety with see-through truck

It’s a familiar situation to many of us - you’re driving behind a semi-trailer truck on a single-lane highway.  The truck is driving slowly, but you can’t overtake because you can’t see what’s happening in front.

Toyota captures kids' car dreams on Vine

Toyota invited children from around the world to draw their dream car designs. It then animated the best into Vines.

Want to end desertification? Meet me at the Groassis

Desertification and the degradation of land is a huge sustainability issue, especially when considering that a loss of arable land makes it harder to grow food for an expanding population.


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