Adidas looks to the ocean for innovation inspiration

Adidas has unveiled a pair of sneakers it made from garbage recovered from the ocean.

AirCarbon creates plastic with a negative carbon footprint

Not many products can claim to have a negative carbon footprint, yet Newslight Technologies AirCarbon plastic has managed it.

AkzoNobel makes paint cool (and sustainable)

In hot climates, a lot of energy is used to keep buildings cool, because they heat so rapidly in the baking sun. So AkzoNobel developed a paint that reflects heat - keeping the interior cooler, and minimizing the need for air con or other cooling devices.

Edible water bottles? Don't choke on your Ooho!

  We all know plastic water bottles are environmentally damaging, so we should try to recycle them. But what would be even more sustainable than recycling? How about eating the bottles? Ooho is a new spherical form of packaging, made from seaweed, which offers an edible alternative to plastic water bottles.

Ford's F-150 campaign tells the story of American industry

Ford's This Built America is a patriotic campaign focused on the rebuilding of American industry.

GE 3D prints its way to greater construction efficiency

General Electric is one of the companies best poised to take advantage of 3D printing. From being able to eliminate more waste from production to being able to manufacture parts for aircraft on demand and on location, there are many sustainability benefits.

Google's Project Ara bring individual design and build to sustainable smartphone thinking

Project Ara is Google’s attempt at opening up the world of smartphones to make them more usable, accessible and individual.

How Autodesk's bright Spark can enable sustainable 3D Printing

Autodesk is a company primed to play a big role in the 3D printing industry. As manufacturers of AutoCAD, which is among the world’s most used Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Autodesk has already contributed to a majority of the designs being created in 3D printers around the world.

HTC offers 3D printed joy for audiophiles with the Gramohorn

One of the most exciting aspects of 3D printing is its capability to allow increased levels of creativity and design in everyday products, which just might make these products more sustainable.

IBM brings 3D printing to microchip prototyping

3D printing is disrupting the existing methods and supply chains for prototyping, greatly reducing costs, time and carbon footprint.