Apple hopes HomeKit becomes central to controlling your home

The HomeKit is the tech framework Apple hopes will become the digital gateway for the smart homes of the future. As a central hub for interconnectivity, the HomeKit would act as a link between the smartphone that a homeowner controls and each of the devices that monitor or control an aspect of the home.

Can Kirigami create more efficient solar coverage?

One of the problems with capturing solar energy is that the sun moves in the sky, while solar panels are usually fixed in place. Those that do move rely on expensive tracking devices and mechanized systems that are impractical in many locations such as rooftops.

Flooding abandoned coal mines to deliver geothermal energy

Coal has been a dominant source of energy since the start of the Industrial Revolution. During the past two hundred years thousands of coal mines have been exploited then later abandoned. Looking after these mines can be costly and dangerous, with many having flooded due to neglect.

GreenQloud aims to keep the tech sector cool

The growth of the internet, and the explosion of data that has came with it, is creating a growing carbon footprint for the ICT sector - roughly the equivalent of the aviation industry.

Kadi Energy offers rural recharging

With an estimated 24 million mobile phones in the country, Ghana is pretty well connected yet only 40% of the population has access to a stable supply of electricity. Kadi Energy is a US-based startup that is aiming to provide the energy to power a mobile phone to the other 60%.

Kellogg's taps into fuel cell technology for circular economy goals

Fuel cell technology creates electricity from natural gas through a chemical reaction. And while most natural gas comes in the form of fossil fuels, it is also possible to make it through a process called anaerobic combustion - where bio-material is broken down using enzymes (much the same as it does in the body) to release methane gas.

Making fuel from corn waste - sustainably

Cellulosic ethanol is a fuel that can be created from the Biomass by-product of corn farming, creating an alternative for all this waste other than the compost heap. In large corn producing areas, such as the western plains states of the USA, the energy has proven to be a long elusive dream - with its predecessor, corn ethanol, proving to be detrimental to the land.

Mistbox sprays cold water on inefficient air conditioning

The majority of devices in and around our homes are now outdated and inefficient in comparison to what the latest technology can deliver.

Ocean buoys that generate electricity

Sea buoys have been used for hundreds of years, starting off as navigational or warning markers before being adapted for use as sea and weather monitors.

Philips LumiMotion knows when to turn the lights on and off

Lumimotion is a smart lighting system from Philips that uses sensors to determine optimum lighting levels for the amount of street activity.