Wearable Tech

Augmedix makes Google Glass useful for healthcare

The flood of data that wearable tech will provide industries such as healthcare has real potential to improve on the quality of the job being done.

Autodesk uses Fitbit for employee wellness

Because modern Western lifestyles, including work, are mainly sedentary - much of the population does not get enough daily exercise. The introduction of fitness tracking devices, such as Fitbit and Jawbone Up, are targeted at making people more aware of this lack in activity and providing them with the knowledge of how to stay in shape.

Cigna uses wearable tech to fight diabetes

One of the real benefits of wearable technology is its power to prevent the onset of diseases, such as diabetes, through giving users insight into how to change their lifestyles. Connecticut-based health and insurance company, Cigna, has been putting the technology to good use.

Frog brings Big Data analysis to wearable health technology

With design hubs around the globe, design and and innovation firm, Frog, is well placed to create products specially tailored to the differing needs of the world. The German-born, San Francisco-based company's foray into city-specific wearable technology is one good example.

Gamification + wearable tech = healthier BP employees

Most modern Western lifestyles lifestyle are mainly sedentary meaning that a large proportion of the population do not get the daily exercise that they need.

Garmin gets Vivofit and Vivosmart

Navigation device developer Garmin has branched out into the world of wearable tech through its Vivofit, and Vivosmart devices.

Google Glass brings AR to the ER

Google Glass represents exciting audiovisual opportunities, not least for real-time and immersive education.

How Google Glass offered a view on augmented reality medicine

The first iteration of Google Glass was underwhelming from a consumer point of view. Yet despite its obvious limitation the connected eyewear did point the way for new techniques and efficiency in the healthcare sector, particularly when it comes to delivering more precision and accuracy during operations.

Intel gets in your ear on healthy living

Technology giant, Intel, is carving a stake out of the of the wearables market by thinking outside of the box, not going for the obvious smart-watch or fitness band route. Instead Intel has developed a fitness tracking earphone, in collaboration with rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s company SMS Audio.

Jawbone's Up 24 for you

San Francisco-based Jawbone was one of the early developers in the wearable technology industry, with its Up sensory bracelet being launched in 2011. Since then it has released an updated version, Up 24, which is capable of Bluetooth interaction and therefore real-time relaying of information through smartphones and the Internet.