Smart Cities

Norway's Powerhouse project points to true sustainable design

Imagine a building that actually created more energy than it consumed during its lifetime, a building that integrated renewable energy creation seamlessly into its structure without compromising its design.

Philips LumiMotion knows when to turn the lights on and off

Lumimotion is a smart lighting system from Philips that uses sensors to determine optimum lighting levels for the amount of street activity.

Philips turns to Pinterest for Liveable Cities contest

Dutch tech giant Philips used Pinterest to promote sustainability thinking by creating a competition around the long-running Livable Cities initiative.

Siemens predicts air pollution

Air pollution in cities isn’t just an inconvenience - it’s a major killer. The World Health Organization reported in May 2015 that almost 90% of the world's urban population breathes in air containing pollutants at well above recommended levels. Around seven million people die each year from the effects of air pollution.

Spotcycle adds AI to bike route mapping

Spotcycle, from Canadian software developers 8D Technologies, is a smartphone app for the sustainability-minded traveller.

Tom Tom gets city smart with new navigation features

TomTom is perhaps the UK’s most well known satellite navigation device. But with the advent of smarter analytical systems and mobile internet networks, TomTom has an increased range of capabilities.

Volvo Sensus connects with Smart Cities infrastructure

The Sensus Connect is one of the most advanced realisations of a smart connected car to date. It links up Volvo vehicles to its cloud systems, which then enables it to connect to the internet and use apps to help drivers find and do things while they are driving.