Sustainability Reports

Intel CSR report offers multimedia snapshots of complex issues

To ensure it's corporate responsibility report is accessible and customizable, Intel slices it up into a number of online offerings. 

Intel's video storytelling makes its corporate report come to life

Technology giant Intel has a comprehensive corporate responsibility section that is the home for its Corporate Responsibility report. While the report is offered as a downloadable PDF, key elements are given greater play on the site through video journeys.

Kimberly-Clark uses infographics to navigate its sustainability report

Kimberly-Clark “democratised” its 2012 Sustainability Report by highlighting key statistics and letting users build their own report.

Kingfisher's CSR report makes a PDF come alive

Kingfisher, Europe’s largest home improvement retailer, has a strong track record of managing social and environmental impacts. This commitment to sustainability becomes clear through its CSR reporting efforts.

Kmart brings employee perspective to its CR report App

Keen to show their commitment to the environment, and a desire to innovate, Kmart became the first retailer in Australia to use an app for a CSR report.

Levi Strauss tells a life cycle story in its report

For many companies telling the story about sustainability efforts tends to dwell on operational endeavors and philanthropic activities.

Mars explains the cocoa sourcing trail

Ever wonder where chocolate comes from? Mars Inc, whose portfolio of brands includes snickers, M&Ms and more, wanted to show stakeholders where its chocolate comes from, where it’s made, how it’s certified and ultimately how it gets to your mouth.

MEC's illustrated guide to doing the right thing

Mountain Equipment Cooperative is Canada’s largest outdoor recreation gear company. As a consumer cooperative, MEC has always had strong commitments to the environment and social causes. Each year MEC releases its Accountability Report to share with it’s 4.1 million members around the world.

Natura takes to the Amazon to explain its biodiversity commitment

Consistently regarded as a leader in environmental practices and often-ranked top three of most sustainable companies in the world, Brazil’s largest cosmetics company Natura, has turned its sustainability report into an journey.

Nike maps its factory supply chain to demonstrate transparency

Who needs a plain old Sustainability report when you have a global manufacturing map? Nike has both.


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