Sustainability Reports

Adobe shows its Corporate Report visual skills

It is not surprising that Adobe, one of the world’s leading creative software companies has played to its strengths for its annual sustainability performance. For its 2013 CR report, Adobe created a beautifully designed and interactive report hosted on their site.

AkzoNobel's video explainers of key sustainability issues

As part of its 2013 integrated annual report, global paint and chemical manufacturer AkzoNobel created a series of video case studies to highlight its environmental performance.

Apple's minimalist take on its big CSR commitments

Apple, like many technology companies, has a lot to be accountable for with the amount of metal mining and the energy intensive manufacturing process of electronics.

AT&T demonstrates tech sustainability with Connect to Good

Like many companies AT&T is looking to demonstrate its credentials in an increasingly connected world. Its Connect to Good initiative shows how the company harnesses technology, including the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality, to further sustainability.

AT&T turns to talking heads for sustainability report

Taking a different approach to the increasingly popular video version of a sustainability report, in 2011 AT&T chose to provide short "talking head" video introductions to the different sections of its report.

Bertelsmann keeps it simple and effective with CR report

Mass media company Bertelsmann - its divisions include Penguin, Random House and music label BMG - opted for a customisable experience when displaying its CR report.

Bloomberg's Bcause brings visual interest to corporate reporting

If you were to come across Bloomberg’s CSR report online, upon first glance you wouldn’t know it was a report. Bloomberg’s approach to sharing CSR information looks more like a game of Tetris than a summary of their environmental performance data.

Cisco uses video to share CSR report stories

For its 2014 CSR report, Cisco opted to publish online using a standard, downloadable PDF document.

Delhaize delivers a super-marketable CSR report

In terms of communicating to an online audience, Delhaize Group has set the bar high.

Deutsche Telekom creates We Care app to make sustainability relevant

Deutsche Telekom has brought together all its social responsibility and sustainability activities in an app titled We Care.