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Deutsche Post shows how to deliver tomorrow sustainably

As one of the world’s major logistics companies, Deutsche Post DHL Group, faces serious challenges when it comes to operating sustainably.

Dow's Make it Last battles waste

Each year an estimated 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste - that’s a third of all the food produced for human consumption, and would be enough to feed the 800 million people who go hungry.

Fedex keeps the corporate magazine alive with Access blog

The days of the traditional company magazine are probably numbered, and the changes at FedEx are fairly typical of what’s happening in corporate communications everywhere.

Ford's F-150 campaign tells the story of American industry

Ford's This Built America is a patriotic campaign focused on the rebuilding of American industry.

Ford's Social Storytelling

Ford is one of a growing group of companies that are putting editorial content at the heart of their online communication efforts around sustainability and more.

General Mills offers a taste of its business with corporate blog

Corporate blogs have become a familiar method for companies to tell their stories, often replacing the printed magazine as the flagship publication.

Herman Miller delivers both style and substance with Why magazine

You might expect the online magazine of a design house to be all about the look and light on the content; but Herman Miller - regularly one of Fortune’s most admired companies, and an organization with a well-known commitment to sustainability - is different.

How GE excels with a magazine mentality

General Electric (GE) is a master at producing shareable content for the social media age, and its smart use of blogs and online magazines for storytelling provides a model that others could learn from. Its platforms are varied, but all work well on their own terms.

How the detergent industry came together to promote sustainable washing

The average wash temperature in Europe is 41°C.  If everyone in the continent reduced that by just 3°, it would save more than 2,300 GWh/year, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 300,000 inhabitants.

Intel shows its smarts through IQ magazine

Every big corporation, and most smaller ones, have some kind of online magazine and/or blog, telling stories about the company, and its sector, and looking to the future. Intel is no exception, but its iQ online magazine is one of the better titles on the virtual newsstand of online corporation publications.


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