Editorial Content

1912 Pike tells Starbuck's farm to cup stories

1912 Pike was the address of the first Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle, and now it’s the name the company uses for the title of its magazine site, majoring on human, community stories.

Allianz brings microinsurance customer stories to life

Allianz has some 35 million microinsurance customers around the globe. Imagine the stories behind all those customers - their struggles, successes and failures.

Allianz has the knowledge to help its community

Allianz has a two-fold interest in demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. Not only is it one of the world’s largest insurance companies, but it is also a highly influential investor, with billions committed to global infrastructure and energy development projects.

Alstom highlights its foundation with Tumblr

The Alstom Foundation was established in 2007 to support and fund projects proposed by Alstom’s 93,000 employees across 100 countries.

Amex keeps it simple with CSR Now! blog

As organizations find new ways to present content and develop dialog around sustainability it’s easy to overlook the simple, old-fashioned blog.

Arup stakes its smart city claim clearly and concisely

It is estimated that by 2050, cities will be home to 70% of the world’s population. WIth growing populations, diminishing resources and the impact of climate change, city governments are having to do things differently and more smartly.

Axa's Born to Protect provides a hub for better living

You want to stay healthy and safe, right? You want the same for your family, and your employees. And you don’t want your property to be stolen or damaged. Of course, and your insurer wants the same - or it will have to pay out. That's the impetus behind Axa's Born to Protect project.

Cigna promotes healthy thinking through Together platform

As the title suggests, Cigna’s blog site, Together, is about partnership - specifically the user’s partnership with the US health services organization, and in some instances with others too.

Citi looks to rebuild community trust with "human face" blog

It’s fair to say the public image of the banking sector is not exactly positive these days. 

Coca-Cola Unbottles its storytelling

As one of the major companies leading the way in the development of a “magazine mentality” approach to sustainabiity communication, Coca-Cola operates a series of blogzines for different parts of the business, under the title Coke Unbottled.