Pampers "First Times" video helps fund Unicef neonatal tetanus vaccines

Pampers has been working with UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) since 2006 to help eliminate newborn tetanus.

Philips aims to light up the dark

In some of Europe’s most northerly cities one of the implications of very short winter days is that children have fewer opportunities to play outdoors.

Philips finds its voice with Breathless Choir

For people with reduced lung capacity, who struggle to cope with the everyday challenge of breathing, the act of singing seems like an impossible goal.

Philips tells its Innovation story for You

Philips has created an overarching brand campaign titled ‘Innovation and You’ to pull together a wide range of stories about how the Dutch company is making people’s lives healthier, safer and happier through innovation.

Safeway's Fresh from our Farmers takes consumers behind the scenes of sourcing

One of the consumer gripes about supermarkets is that they form a barrier between us, as customers, and the fresh food which we consider healthier. Packaged and preserved food may be convenient, but fresh produce straight from the farm has got to be better, we believe.

Time Warner connects a million minds in education

Launched in 2009, Time Warner’s Connect a Million Minds project has succeeded in inspiring more than one million young people to undertake after-school classes in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Under Armour and Gisele stand up for a positive self-image

Traditionally marketed to a male audience, outdoor and sports clothing brand Under Armour aimed to broaden its appeal to women with its ‘I Will What I Want Campaign’, featuring video stories of top sporting women who have

Verizon seeks to Inspire Her Mind to promote STEM education

Eighty percent of jobs in the next decade will require technology skills. As part of its Powerful Answers brand communication project, and in conjunction with its charitable foundation, Verizon is looking to get more girls involved in STEM education through its Inspire Her Mind campaign.

Why sleep matters to Aetna

We hear a lot about the importance of diet and exercise, but one factor that has a huge impact on health is often overlooked - sleep. Health insurance provider Aetna is aiming to raise awareness of how much a good night’s sleep matters.

Why we need groceries not guns

There are plenty of things you are not allowed to do in a Kroger grocery store. Well, you could hurt someone with that skateboard. Your kid’s water pistol? It could spill water on the floor. And your little dog? It’s not hygienic in a store where there’s food. A gun, on the other hand - in certain US states, that’s no problem.


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