GE's Breakthrough with National Geographic branded content

A six-part National Geographic Channel series about science may not sound anything out of the ordinary, but Breakthrough really was a breakthrough in many ways.

General Mills makes a natural promise to parents

Parents want what’s best for their kids - it’s only natural - and General Mills aims to show it shares that commitment with its Parent Promises campaign. The company, one of the world’s biggest food producers and distributors, announced in summer 2015 that it would start to remove all artificial flavors and colors from its cereal products.

H&M teams up with M.I.A. in clothes recycling push

H&M launched its Garment Collecting program back in 2013 and previously used video in imaginative ways to make a potentially dull subject into something cool.

How Follow the Frog set the tone for consumer sustainability

The famous Follow the Frog video from 2012 is credited with changing perceptions of sustainability marketing. It won awards and praise, as well as support for the Rainforest Alliance’s campaign to encourage sales of ethically-sourced produce.

Intel's video storytelling makes its corporate report come to life

Technology giant Intel has a comprehensive corporate responsibility section that is the home for its Corporate Responsibility report. While the report is offered as a downloadable PDF, key elements are given greater play on the site through video journeys.

It Can Wait's Unseen phone threat

AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign has been running for six years now, and has enlisted 10 million to take the pledge not to answer their cell phone while driving.

Long Live NY Gives City New Heart

The New York Organ Donor Network is a non-profit organisation that aims to facilitate lifesaving donations throughout the city, serving a diverse population of 13 million people.

Nike celebrates sport for all Indian women with a Da Da Ding

Encouraging women and girls to be more active is a challenge facing many societies, not least in the world’s largest democracy, India. So Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy produced a fast-paced video to attract women into sports and other physical activity.

Nissan Leaf glows but flatters to deceive

A glow-in-the-dark LEAF, Nissan’s all-electric family car, glides effortlessly along a luminous highway in this 50-second promotional film that looks like something from a scifi movie - a scifi movie that utilizes CGI. The car glows, the road glows - it looks almost unreal. And in a sense it is.

NSPCC says don't share your willy

Parents these days are scared to let their kids play outside - at least that’s what we hear. It’s safer, they reason, to keep them indoors, where they can’t get into trouble and nobody can hurt them. But if indoor play involves an internet connection and any kind of social sharing, then indoors can be just as hazardous as the playground or street.


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