Acciona's Dakar feat puts EVs on the map

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was the reason US auto-manufacturers took such an interest in racing for so long. Now, as electric vehicles (EVs) gain more credence as passenger cars, they are beginning to make an impact in competition too. We’ve written before about the Formula E race series, and now an EV has completed the world’s toughest rally.

Anglo American commits to being FutureSmart

The traditional public perception of mining probably sees it as one of the least green industries imaginable. It rips limited resources from the earth, and uses large amounts of energy to process the material and transport it.

Ben & Jerry's builds a climate movement

Melting ice cream provides a simple, yet dramatic, metaphor for climate change in the video for this campaign.

Cisco uses video to share CSR report stories

For its 2014 CSR report, Cisco opted to publish online using a standard, downloadable PDF document.

Climate Reality Project explains the World's Easiest Decision

Most of the videos about climate change tend to appeal to our emotions or simply to our commonsense, but this series from Brooklyn-based creative agency, Mustache, in support of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project used humor to raise awareness ahead of the 2015 Paris COP21 summit.

Coen Bros "Clean Coal" spoof delivers a dirty message

A smooth-talking salesman in a suit delivers his sales pitch to camera, as he holds a “clean coal” air freshener in a spray can. "Is regular clean enough for your family?," he asks of a familiar-looking household. "Get clean coal clean." Sounds good, but when the mom sprays it around the house, black dust fills the air, and the children cough uncontrollably.

Does Waitrose' cow cams demonstrate dairy transparency?

Amid customer concerns about animal welfare and certain supermarkets using fake farm names to make produce sound more appealing, upscale UK grocer Waitrose hit back with a novel way to highlight the lifestyle of its dairy cattle.

Dove's Real Beauty pushes social buttons with Beautiful/Average video

Unilever’s Dove brand has been running a long-term campaign about "real beauty". We’ve written about it before, and how it highlights that women’s perceptions of their appearance are often less positive than the way they are seen by others.

Ericsson shows its vision of a Networked Society

The Swedish telecoms company has focused on connectivity as providing the glue for innovation and sustainability. It has created a brand campaign called Networked Society, drawing on documentary films, blog posts and a dedicated Twitter account to help tell this global story.

GE brings intermodal transport to life with a techno beat

Most goods are shipped around the country intermodal - that is by multiple modes of transport in a complex interlinked network. To give you some sort of perspective about the scale of intermodal: GE Transportation and CSX Transportation's intermodal business delivers more than 2 million containers across 2,000 routes every year.