Sustainability Reputation

BBC investigates working conditions at Apple's suppliers

In December 2014, the BBC launched an investigation into accusations of poor working conditions in Apple supplier plants in Shanghai, China.

Boeing's schoolboy social media error

Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of advice from an 8-year old about how to do your job better? Not Boeing apparently. When it received a hand-drawn idea for a new plane from young inventor Harry Winsor the company replied with a form letter saying: “Like many large companies we do not accept unsolicited ideas.

Cargo Cruelty campaign pushed airlines to stop transporting primates for research

With over 100 years of animal protection and advocacy, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)  turned its attention toward the airline industry in 2011.

Dell's Reputation Hell

Remember how, way back in 2005, people griping on blogs about products and shoddy customer service was a new phenomenon...and something all companies believed was best left well alone.

FedEx's dodgy delivery gets YouTubed

At time some time or other we’ve all suspected our local delivery service of mishandling the parcels that arrive particularly worse for wear. In late 2011 one US homeowner caught a FedEx employee doing just that thanks to footage from his home security camera.

How Doritos got hit over palm oil in 2015 Super Bowl campaign

‘A Cheesy Love Story’ is sub-titled ‘The Ad Doritos Don’t Want You to See’, and the PepsiCo brand was predictably unhappy with this parody commercial from consumer advocacy organization, SumOfUs.

How Selfridges shed its fur policy

In 2005, the London department store, Selfridges, found itself a central targets for anti-fur protests. The activist organisation, the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT), staged weekly demonstrations outside shops and flooded manager emails and phone lines with fur free requests (their details having been published on CAFT’s website).

Kryptonite - The first social media fail

Who would have thought, back in 2004, that some guy posting on a web forum could wreak havoc with a reputable company like Kryptonite Locks. That was until “unaestehtic” alerted fellow users of the about picking Kryptonite's Evolution 2000 with a BIC just four moves.

Russell Athletic feels student backlash for its anti union stance

In 2009, Russell Athletic  crumbled in the face of pressure from one of the largest ever student boycotts, re-opening a Honduran factory it had closed after workers had unionised.

Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign takes some flak despite good intentions

Few people would disagree with the idea that we need to talk more about race. But where do we want those discussions to take place? While standing in line at Starbucks? Well, maybe somewhere else. Anywhere else. Because the last thing you want is for that wait for your coffee to be made longer.


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