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Smirnoff raises a glass to inclusivity with Deaf Dancers

Diageo-owned vodka brand Smirnoff stepped up its inclusivity campaign ‘We’re Open’ in 2016, with a video that broke new ground by telling a personal story for the first time.

TD Bank makes today matter with CSR campaign

We could probably all come up with an idea to help our community, if we had the money, right? Well, what if a bank gave you the money - say $30,000 - and you got to make that idea a reality today?

The 5th Annual Social Media Sustainability Index

How do you talk about sustainability when no-one really knows what it means? That’s the quandary facing the world’s biggest companies as they seek to communicate their own sustainability work while also providing their consumers and greater community a road map to sustainable living.

The Best the Gillette Brand Can Be?

About a decade ago, just as social media was exploding across the consciousness of major brands, I invited a well-known expert in this young field of social media marketing to speak at a conference I ran at the time.

This Girl Can shows exercise and sport is for everyone

Research shows there’s a huge gap between the number of men and women playing sports. It's not because women don't want to get active, but because they are conscious of being judged. Getting red-faced and sweaty is a look many women prefer to avoid because they fear how others many perceive them.

Tom Tom gets city smart with new navigation features

TomTom is perhaps the UK’s most well known satellite navigation device. But with the advent of smarter analytical systems and mobile internet networks, TomTom has an increased range of capabilities.

TOMS takes One Day Without Shoes to Instagram

Whenever you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, the company donates a pair to a child in need. Now, for a few weeks in May 2015, TOMS is going one better - you don’t need to buy any shoes, just post a photo of your bare feet to Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes, and TOMS will send shoes to someone in need.

Unlearn steers Ford towards mobility

It used to be that automakers wanted to talk about the thrill of driving their vehicles and little else. Now though, as they face up to the challenges of climate change emissions, the advent of self-driving cars and ever greater sustainability concerns, automakers are looking to emphasize the larger role they play in society.

Volkswagen takes the brakes off bumper car fun

Vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen is widely-known for its unique brand of advertising. Instead of promoting new makes and models, the company tends to hone in on specific car features and driving themes, always in a fun and engaging way.

Wells Fargo embraces gay parenting in national TV campaign

Wells Fargo has become the first US bank to feature a same-sex couple in a TV commercial.


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