Sustainability Marketing

REI wants you to Opt Outside of shopping

We have seen plenty of campaigns encouraging people to get outdoors, but rarely - if ever - do they go as far as REI’s Opt Outside.

Safeway's Fresh from our Farmers takes consumers behind the scenes of sourcing

One of the consumer gripes about supermarkets is that they form a barrier between us, as customers, and the fresh food which we consider healthier. Packaged and preserved food may be convenient, but fresh produce straight from the farm has got to be better, we believe.

Samsung channels the Bard into an educational app

Samsung Electronics and the Royal Shakespeare Company have partnered to create an app that enables users to study and experience the work of Britain’s most celebrated playwright in new ways.

Santam creates app to help keep a watchful eye on loved ones

The Be Safe App from South Africa’s Santam Insurance enables your loved ones to know where you are at any time - so they can be reassured that you’ve reached your destination, for instance, or are hiking in your favorite location.

Schneider Electric shines a light on connectivity with Life is On campaign

The ‘Life Is On’ campaign gives a human dimension to an industrial brand, Schneider Electric, by spotlighting the services it provides to customers through technologies that enable distributed and connected energy.

Scott's Natural wants to get America on its bike

We all know that cycling is a good idea. It provides exercise, saves money and reduces our carbon footprint. But sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to do the right thing.

Sears LGBT wedding video reinforces its diversity credentials

The department store chain Sears produced a short video of four same-sex wedding ceremonies which took place during the 2014 Chicago Pride Parade - the first since Illinois’ marriage equality law had taken effect.

Shiseido's schoolgirls have a secret

This arty ad takes us on an intriguing journey - although, physically, it is confined to a single school classroom. The camera takes us around the class of high school girls, sitting in dignified and feminine silence, while a young female teacher writes on the board in front of them.

Siemens creates Answers to tell sustainability stories

A major corporation such as Siemens has a wealth of stories to tell. Answers is a brand campaign that tells these stories through these high-quality mini-documentaries.

Smart's Electric Drive delivers in Hong Kong campaign

Daimler AG introduced the electric version of the famous Smart ForTwo design onto the market as a prototype in 2007, followed by a larger scale production in 2012. With a range of 80 miles and a top speed of 62 miles per hour, the Smart ED is a very capable urban car that has been used as the vehicle of choice for Daimler’s Car2Go car share service.


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