Sustainability Marketing

Oreo encourages all of us to "open up"

As the world’s favorite cookie, Oreo is a powerful brand, with the potential to reach and influence a vast global market. The Open Up with Oreo campaign urges us to open up to people who are different from us, and  discover the similarities.

Pampers "First Times" video helps fund Unicef neonatal tetanus vaccines

Pampers has been working with UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) since 2006 to help eliminate newborn tetanus.

Patagonia stresses durable sustainability with Worn Wear

In these times of cheap clothing, you might expect apparel brands to encourage us to buy more, but outdoor clothing company Patagonia is pushing in the other direction.

Pedigree shows how dogs are good for the soul with Feed the Good

Dogs do good - they’re good for individuals and good for society more widely. That’s the message in this feel-good campaign from Pedigree, the Mars-owned pet food brand.

Pepsi Challenge shines a liter of light on communities lacking electricity

Liter of Light is the latest campaign within the 2015 Pepsi Challenge - a series of consumer collaboration projects that encourage Pepsi drinkers to think differently, dream bigger, and have fun.

Persil goes behind bars to advocate more playtime for kids

Persil’s ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign has been around for a decade now, but it keeps developing.

Philips aims to light up the dark

In some of Europe’s most northerly cities one of the implications of very short winter days is that children have fewer opportunities to play outdoors.

Philips and Telegraph team up for 100 Days of Innovation

Philips has been producing innovative products for more than a century, but life-changing developments are often taken for granted.

Purina Cat Chow builds better lives for cats in need

Each year, approximately 3.4 million U.S. cats are taken in by animal shelters but only half of those cats are adopted.

Rediscover Nature encourages Nature Valley

The General Mills cereal bars sold as Nature Valley have enjoyed a long-running campaign called ‘Get Out There’, highlighting the supposed link between the snack and the great outdoors.


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