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Johnnie Walker makes a smashing race car stunt to discourage drink driving

Whisky brand Johnnie Walker teamed up with Uber for this Christmas 2014 feature, an extension of its larger Join the Pact drink/drive campaign.

Johnson's Daddy Diaries demonstrates that the fun resides in fatherhood

Being a dad is not like being a mom - you have to build the connection with your kids. That’s a message from one of the dads in this video series from Johnson’s Baby UK and Ireland brand.

Kenco hopes coffee can save kids from gang violence

San Pedro Sula is reputedly the most dangerous city in the world. For many young Hondurans there and across the country, gangs are a way of life - often seen as the only way to survive in a society that offers little prospects of making a living legitimately.

Kleenex offers flu tips through Pinterest

Pinterest is about interests, right? It’s where you pin stuff about the things you’re interested in: recipes, movie posters, fashion, colds and flu. Wait a second. Colds and flu?

Kraft sneaks additives out of iconic Mac and Cheese

When Kraft decided to change the recipe of its iconic Macaroni and Cheese - ditching artificial preservatives for a combination of paprika, annatto and turmeric - you’d have thought they’d be shouting all natural from the rafters.

Mainpeople hopes a crazy ad will prompt more charitable giving

A man flails around in a lake - he’s clearly drowning. A group of assorted characters stands on the dock - they’re concerned to an extent, but more interested in spouting their own opinions than saving the poor guy in the water.

Nature Valley stresses the great outdoors on Tumblr

How does nature make you feel better? Does it give you energy? Make you smile? Inspire you? These are the questions posed by the Nature Valley Tumblr - an extension of the brand's larger campaign to reconnect kids to the joy of nature and develop an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Nike celebrates sport for all Indian women with a Da Da Ding

Encouraging women and girls to be more active is a challenge facing many societies, not least in the world’s largest democracy, India. So Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy produced a fast-paced video to attract women into sports and other physical activity.

Nike makes fitness creative with Outdo You

In case sharing the stats from your five mile bike ride to work or your three mile jog through the park at lunchtime just isn’t enough any more, Nike has taken the social sharing of workout achievements one step further with its Outdo You campaign.


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