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Gun shop New York sends a double-barrelled anti firearms message

Many Americans think owning a gun will make their lives safer, but unsuspecting shoppers who visited a “gun store” on the Lower East Side of Manhattan came out thinking differently. Their visit to this supposed "gun store" aimed at first-time weapon buyers is captured in a three-minute video, produced by Grey for States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

H&M shows why it's the height of fashion to recycle

It’s ok for blondes to wear yellow, and redheads to wear red. It’s fine to wear socks with sandals, and it’s fine to stand out, or blend in. You can try too hard or not try at all. There are no rules in fashion, except to recycle your clothes.

H&M teams up with M.I.A. in clothes recycling push

H&M launched its Garment Collecting program back in 2013 and previously used video in imaginative ways to make a potentially dull subject into something cool.

Heineken brings bottles to life with Blippar sustainability app

Heineken’s newest campaign aims to make consumers aware of its commitment to ensuring 50 percent of its hops and barley come from sustainable sources by 2020. In some ways it echoes the message of sister brand Kronenburg 1664 in a popular TV campaign, fronted by former soccer star Eric Cantona, which highlighted how farmers deserve thanks for providing the beer’s ingredients.

Heineken holds out for a responsible drinking hero

A 30-year-old pop-rock hit gets an unlikely new lease of life in this commercial from Heineken, encouraging responsible drinking.

Helen Mirren pulls no drink driving punches in Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

A Super Bowl commercial featuring a famous actress sipping beer may be nothing unusual, but the actress in Budweiser’s 2016 ad was not Hollywood’s latest young star, but 70-year-old Brit, Dame Helen Mirren. And she doesn’t praise the virtues of Bud, but lectures us on the perils of driving drunk.

Holy Equal Opportunities Batman! Batgirl lobbies for Robin in equal pay PSA

TV’s most popular costumed crime fighters of the 1960s, returned to the screen in 1972 - in a public service announcement for the US Department of Labor. The mini-film features Batgirl rescuing Batman and Robin and demanding equal pay with the ‘Boy Wonder’ -  “equal pay for equal work”.  

How Follow the Frog set the tone for consumer sustainability

The famous Follow the Frog video from 2012 is credited with changing perceptions of sustainability marketing. It won awards and praise, as well as support for the Rainforest Alliance’s campaign to encourage sales of ethically-sourced produce.

How Gap's One Stitch Closer connected through authenticity

“Women are the fabric that holds the world together”, Gap’s 2014 campaign One Stitch Closer told us. “When a woman moves ahead, we all do.”

IBM connects people to rethink smarter city living

We’ve seen many examples of corporations presenting their ideas and success stories to make our cities smarter and more sustainable, and as a global tech leader, you’d expect IBM to be at the forefront.


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