Sustainability Marketing

BMW's i3 App sells style but needs more substance

The BMW i3 is a slick looking four seater, five door hatchback that comes with all of BMW’s style and prestige, capable of a range of around 80 miles and a top speed of 93 mph - pretty fast for an EV.

Bodyform's Blood breaks the period and exercise taboo

Women wanting to keep fit face a problem, which their male counterparts don’t - their period. So Bodyform, a leading UK feminine protection brand, launched - a campaign to show women how to keep training and enjoying activity throughout the menstrual cycle.

Charmin embarks on a beach toilet Relief Project

Many thousands of Americans visit the beach every summer, and it would seem most pee in the sea. One of the reasons, Charmin suggests, could be because beach bathrooms are notoriously poorly maintained - they’re likely to be dirty, and the toilet paper (if there’s any left) of poor quality.

Clorox taps into viral flu conversation to stop the spread

‘Going viral’ takes on a new meaning (well old actually), when the topic is the flu.

Coca-Cola explains plant bottle technology with animated video

It takes billions of plastic bottles to help Coca-Cola get its products in the hands of consumers. The sustainability concerns around petroleum-based plastic bottles are well documented, so a move towards more environmentally friendly bottles is definitely a step in the right direction.

Colgate wants teeth brushers to save water

Colgate made its Super Bowl advertising debut with a 30-second slot in the 2016 game, but instead of selling the merits of its toothpaste, it used the time to promote a message about saving water.

Dettol pushes for clean hands in India to reduce disease

Diarrhea is a killer in many parts of the world, and in countries such as India it is one of the primary causes of death among young children.

Dove's Real Beauty pushes social buttons with Beautiful/Average video

Unilever’s Dove brand has been running a long-term campaign about "real beauty". We’ve written about it before, and how it highlights that women’s perceptions of their appearance are often less positive than the way they are seen by others.

Dow rallies for recycling

As we’ve seen with its Make It Last campaign, Dow likes people to make a formal commitment.

Eli Lilly offers cancer relief through art with Hope Murals Project

Among the many ways people find to deal with cancer, painting has emerged as a favorite. Large, colorful paintings in particular provide a defiant and positive statement.


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