Sustainability Marketing

7Up designs a music experience for deaf ears

“Music is the fuel for living it UP”, 7Up’s campaign website tells us. “It connects us, moves us, and makes us feel alive.” But what if you can’t hear it?

Acciona's Dakar feat puts EVs on the map

“Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” was the reason US auto-manufacturers took such an interest in racing for so long. Now, as electric vehicles (EVs) gain more credence as passenger cars, they are beginning to make an impact in competition too. We’ve written before about the Formula E race series, and now an EV has completed the world’s toughest rally.

Always shows we should all want to be like a girl

Most girls in the United States - 72% of them according to one study  - feel that society limits them, especially during puberty, when their confidence is already low.

Aquafina hopes its water will give you a happy body

Making the connection between drinking water and a healthy body isn’t exactly new, but this new Aquafina campaign makes a big song and dance about how drinking fresh water makes for a happy body.  

Ariel asks men to Share the Load

While there are still many battles to be fought to ensure gender equality in the workplace, it’s easy to overlook continuing unfairness in domestic life.

AT&T's It Can Wait campaign calls out smartphone users

Seven in 10 people admit to engaging in smartphone activities while driving - and that’s not smart. Research from AT&T shows nearly 4 out of 10 smartphone users tap into social media while at the wheel, almost 3 out of 10 surf the net, and 1 out of 10 video chat. More than a quarter of those polled use Facebook while driving.

Aveeno encourages family pictures that aren't so perfect

In an age where opinions increasingly are formed and cemented through social media connections staged photos and parents’ posts about their perfect kids don't just project a false picture of how other families live - they can sometimes perpetuate insecurities about our own sense of wellbeing. 

Bank of America's Pinterest approach to Better Money Habits

Since taking such a PR hammering over irresponsible lending, banks have been keen to show a more considered approach in recent years.

BASF's Creator Space inspires collaboration, discussion and action

Creator Space is BASF’s collaborative online space where users can join industry experts to share and discuss ways to produce tangible solutions to a range of economic, environmental and societal challenges.

Bendigo & Adelaide

Formed from the merger of the Bendigo and Adelaide Banks in 2007, Bendigo and Adelaide has become well known throughout Australia for its community banking programs in rural areas - which see branches run by the community and profits split with the company.