Sustainability Issues

PepsiCo takes a portfolio approach to reducing emissions

Targeting a 20% reduction in energy consumption per unit by 2015, PepsiCo estimated it saved around $70 million on energy costs in 2012 alone.

Procter & Gamble pours cold water on consumer laundry behavior

Procter & Gamble’s goal is to have 70% of all machine wash loads use cold water by 2020 and to conserve water.

Puma aims high with water targets

Water use and management is high on Puma’s Materiality Matrix, along with the recognition that the greatest environmental impact is from raw material manufacturing and the supply chain.

Subway offers a fair deal on sustainable sourcing

The large scale farming of foods like beef and palm oil naturally requires a lot of land. Increasingly, tropical forest is being clear cut to access that land.

Sustainable Sourcing - Sustainly Explainer

Sourcing is an increasing sustainability issue for businesses, which is closely linked to supply chains. It is greatly important for companies to know where products are made and under what conditions, as well as being able to handle the negative implications found within the supply chain.

Tesco teams up with Foodcloud to redistribute unsold food

Foodcloud is a social enterprise from Ireland that matches charities and community groups with businesses looking to offload excess food before its sell-by date through the use of smartphone app.

The Co-operative sets a high standard for diversity

British consumer retailer The Co-operative Group has long been a champion of social justice within business. Established as a co-operative wholesale retailer in Manchester in 1863, The ’Co-op’ has become the UK’s largest group of its kind, with over 8 million members who have a say in how the business is run.

WISErg: Turning food waste into fertiliser

Food waste is one of the biggest sustainability problems face by a modern consumption-driven society. To tackle this issue, WISErg was founded in 2009 by a couple of ex-Microsoft executives driven by the ingenious idea of creating products from waste.


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