Sustainability Issues

Marks & Spencer supports water stewardship in South Africa

M&S, in collaboration with the WWF, identified “water risk hotspots” in the Western Cape of Africa.

Merck's vaccination donation shows the complexity of Big Pharma sustainability

In recent years US pharmaceutical multinational, Merck, has found itself embroiled in a sticky debate on healthcare in developing countries, despite seeming to have the best of intentions.

Microsoft enlists Minecraft to boost YouthSpark

The next decades will be shaped by tech - that's clear to anyone looking at business and society.

Nestle takes solar in house at its US headquarters

Nestle’s installation of four solar PV systems at three manufacturing bases and its US headquarters represents a significant investment in reducing the company’s dependence on fo

Nike maps its factory supply chain to demonstrate transparency

Who needs a plain old Sustainability report when you have a global manufacturing map? Nike has both.

Nike sets water efficiency standards and shares them

Nike has set a goal to improve its water efficiency by 15% per unit in apparel materials dyeing and finishing, and in footwear manufacturing between 2011 and 2015 fiscal years.

P&G sets 2020 goal to fuel 30% of its global operations through renewables

Using three different renewable sources of energy on three different continents, P&G is aiming to produce 30% of its energy needs by 2020 from green sources.

Panera has a story to tell about its anti antibiotic stand

St.Louis based bakery chain Panera Bread has been using antibiotic-free chicken since 2004, by sourcing exclusively from farmers with the required operating methods. It even helped those same farmers scale up their operations to meet its antibiotic-free demand, which has grown by approximately 350%.

PepsiCo calls on technology to conserve water in snack food production

PepsiCo has bold sustainability goals to help protect and conserve global water supplies, especially in water-stressed areas, and partner to provide access to safe water.

PepsiCo improves on palm oil but could do better says NGOs

The production of palm oil is fraught with sustainability issues - deforestation, loss of habitat and irreversible land degradation being the major issues. This is bad news for a majority of the world’s food production and personal care product companies, as palm oil is a key ingredient in many of their products.


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