Sustainability Issues

Disney World turns its waste to energy through industrialized biomimicry

Disney generates 35 million tonnes of food waste at its theme parks every year. This presents a major waste management headache but also a unique opportunity to introduce the concept of energy from waste to millions of people.

Do you know where your avocado is coming from?

Avocados are a superfood - richer in potassium than bananas, and with healthy levels of vitamins B, C, E and K, the fleshy green fruit has also been proven to help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Does business know what SDGs it should be focusing on?

That's the question posed by a new piece of research from PwC. The SDG Reporting Challenge: Exploring Business Communication on the Global Goals studied corporate and sustainability reports of 470 companies around the world to investigate how they were reflecting the SDGs.

Dow's Make it Last battles waste

Each year an estimated 1.3 billion tons of food goes to waste - that’s a third of all the food produced for human consumption, and would be enough to feed the 800 million people who go hungry.

Gap creates supplier standards on water use

For an apparel maker like Gap Inc., access to freshwater not only affects their own operations, it also has a direct impact on the company’s cotton suppliers.  

Gap Inc. uses bold infographics for social report storytelling

To celebrate ten years of its CSR reporting, GAP Inc released a series of infographics, highlighting its main achievements as listed in the company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Report.

Heinz tackles iron deficiency anemia with micronutrient campaign

The Heinz Micronutrient campaign aims to tackle a very particular aspect of the nutrition issue in the developing world - iron-deficiency anemia.

Highwater Line uses art to visualize climate change

We have all seen and read the warnings about rising sea levels as temperatures increase, but it’s difficult to envision what that would mean to our own city or neighborhood.

How I Look Like an Engineer became a rallying cry

Isis Wenger, a young platform engineer at OneLogin, describes herself as an “extreme introvert” and “science nerd”. So agreeing to be one of the faces on a series of company recruitment posters on the BART network was going to give her a public profile which may have at least stretched her comfort zone.

How technology helps Ford meet its water goals

Back in 2009 Ford set a 2015 goal to reduce the amount of water used to make each of its vehicle by 30% globally.


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