Sustainability Innovation

3D printed coral helps regenerate marine ecosystems

The effects of climate change and development are having devastating impacts on the world’s coral, home to a diverse range of sea life and a spectacular ecosystem.

3D Printing - Trend Briefing

Our latest Trend Briefing looks at 3D Printing and how companies and organisations are using this disruptive technology to create both more sustainable products, and products that can improve (and save) the lives of people around the world as well as hel

Adidas looks to the ocean for innovation inspiration

Adidas has unveiled a pair of sneakers it made from garbage recovered from the ocean.

AirCarbon creates plastic with a negative carbon footprint

Not many products can claim to have a negative carbon footprint, yet Newslight Technologies AirCarbon plastic has managed it.

Allstate's Star Driver App promotes safe teen driving

Traditionally, when you hand over the car keys to your teen, all you can do is offer words of advice, maybe agree some rules, then just pray and hope.

Arup adds steel to its 3D printing repertoire

As designers of some of the world’s most spectacular buildings and complexes, Arup uses a lot of unique speciality parts within its building designs. These parts are manufactured in just a handful of locations around the world, meaning that it generates a great deal of carbon and cost to get these parts transported from their manufacturing location to their user location.

Augmedix makes Google Glass useful for healthcare

The flood of data that wearable tech will provide industries such as healthcare has real potential to improve on the quality of the job being done.

Autodesk uses Fitbit for employee wellness

Because modern Western lifestyles, including work, are mainly sedentary - much of the population does not get enough daily exercise. The introduction of fitness tracking devices, such as Fitbit and Jawbone Up, are targeted at making people more aware of this lack in activity and providing them with the knowledge of how to stay in shape.

Autolib brings car sharing together with an electric dream

Car sharing schemes often tout their sustainability credentials in terms of taking excess vehicles off the road.

Can Kirigami create more efficient solar coverage?

One of the problems with capturing solar energy is that the sun moves in the sky, while solar panels are usually fixed in place. Those that do move rely on expensive tracking devices and mechanized systems that are impractical in many locations such as rooftops.


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