Virtual Reality

Great Green Wall gets a virtual reality story

The Great Green Wall is an African Union-led project, launched in 2008, with the ambitious goal of creating an 8,000km line of plants and trees across the entire African continent.

It Can Wait heads into virtual reality

We’ve looked before at AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign, and its evolution to match the development of technology and the new ways for drivers to be distracted at the wheel.

Nissan creates prototypes by the people using Oculus Rift

As part of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan teamed up with advertising agency AKQA to create an OR experience that gave attendees the opportunity to design and configure a next generation Nissan. The goal was to engage Millennials in car ownership by involving them in the design process.  

Samsung channels the Bard into an educational app

Samsung Electronics and the Royal Shakespeare Company have partnered to create an app that enables users to study and experience the work of Britain’s most celebrated playwright in new ways.

Using virtual reality for oil & gas safety training

Orientation is a key part of working safely on oil rigs, in nuclear power plants and other high risk environments. This Oculus Rift emergency evacuation experience was developed for the oil and gas industry.