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Aquafina hopes its water will give you a happy body

Making the connection between drinking water and a healthy body isn’t exactly new, but this new Aquafina campaign makes a big song and dance about how drinking fresh water makes for a happy body.  

Chevy's Volt gets checked on its reality marketing

General Motors’ pioneering electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, caught the eyes of the US public back in 2012, thanks to its gay and lesbian market-targeted “Mom, Dad. I’m electric” ad campaign for Detroit’s Motor City Pride.

Colgate wants teeth brushers to save water

Colgate made its Super Bowl advertising debut with a 30-second slot in the 2016 game, but instead of selling the merits of its toothpaste, it used the time to promote a message about saving water.

Dettol pushes for clean hands in India to reduce disease

Diarrhea is a killer in many parts of the world, and in countries such as India it is one of the primary causes of death among young children.

Epuron shows the Power of Wind

The wind, eh? Who needs it? It just causes damage and inconvenience. That is until someone has the bright idea of harnessing all this wasted energy to do some good. That’s the story told in this clever 2007 video from sustainable energy company epuron.

General Mills makes a natural promise to parents

Parents want what’s best for their kids - it’s only natural - and General Mills aims to show it shares that commitment with its Parent Promises campaign. The company, one of the world’s biggest food producers and distributors, announced in summer 2015 that it would start to remove all artificial flavors and colors from its cereal products.

Google's "And You" ad makes a strong diversity statement

Similar to competitors, Apple, tech giant Google has recently shifted its stance on diversity to one of active advocacy.

Heineken holds out for a responsible drinking hero

A 30-year-old pop-rock hit gets an unlikely new lease of life in this commercial from Heineken, encouraging responsible drinking.

Helen Mirren pulls no drink driving punches in Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

A Super Bowl commercial featuring a famous actress sipping beer may be nothing unusual, but the actress in Budweiser’s 2016 ad was not Hollywood’s latest young star, but 70-year-old Brit, Dame Helen Mirren. And she doesn’t praise the virtues of Bud, but lectures us on the perils of driving drunk.

Holy Equal Opportunities Batman! Batgirl lobbies for Robin in equal pay PSA

TV’s most popular costumed crime fighters of the 1960s, returned to the screen in 1972 - in a public service announcement for the US Department of Labor. The mini-film features Batgirl rescuing Batman and Robin and demanding equal pay with the ‘Boy Wonder’ -  “equal pay for equal work”.