Aetna's focuses on mindfulness

Health care provider Aetna understandably has an interest in mental as well as physical wellbeing. Its 30-day mindfulness challenge (#Mindful30) in January 2016 enlisted the help of bloggers to share tips and help add mindfulness to daily routines.

Alstom highlights its foundation with Tumblr

The Alstom Foundation was established in 2007 to support and fund projects proposed by Alstom’s 93,000 employees across 100 countries.

Dove Chocolate takes to Tumblr to show its sustainable credentials

Chocolate production has received a lot of negative coverage in recent years, amid accusations of poor working conditions - even child slavery - on some African plantations.

General Mills takes to Tumblr to give a taste of its history

General Mills is an icon in the food industry, with 150 years of history and a portfolio of brands with their own stories to tell. Its corporate history could fill many books, but it’s much more engaging and accessible to use Tumblr.

How GE excels with a magazine mentality

General Electric (GE) is a master at producing shareable content for the social media age, and its smart use of blogs and online magazines for storytelling provides a model that others could learn from. Its platforms are varied, but all work well on their own terms.

Nature Valley stresses the great outdoors on Tumblr

How does nature make you feel better? Does it give you energy? Make you smile? Inspire you? These are the questions posed by the Nature Valley Tumblr - an extension of the brand's larger campaign to reconnect kids to the joy of nature and develop an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Why sleep matters to Aetna

We hear a lot about the importance of diet and exercise, but one factor that has a huge impact on health is often overlooked - sleep. Health insurance provider Aetna is aiming to raise awareness of how much a good night’s sleep matters.