Aveeno encourages family pictures that aren't so perfect

In an age where opinions increasingly are formed and cemented through social media connections staged photos and parents’ posts about their perfect kids don't just project a false picture of how other families live - they can sometimes perpetuate insecurities about our own sense of wellbeing. 

Naked Juice tackles "food deserts"

Nearly 24 million Americans live in “food deserts” with no access to affordable, quality, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Purina Cat Chow builds better lives for cats in need

Each year, approximately 3.4 million U.S. cats are taken in by animal shelters but only half of those cats are adopted.

TOMS takes One Day Without Shoes to Instagram

Whenever you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, the company donates a pair to a child in need. Now, for a few weeks in May 2015, TOMS is going one better - you don’t need to buy any shoes, just post a photo of your bare feet to Instagram with the hashtag #withoutshoes, and TOMS will send shoes to someone in need.