California water crisis - the board game!

A new board game, California Water Crisis, suggests that tackling the state’s desperate water shortage isn’t just about conserving and distributing a severely limited resource - it’s more about voter approval.

Gamification + wearable tech = healthier BP employees

Most modern Western lifestyles lifestyle are mainly sedentary meaning that a large proportion of the population do not get the daily exercise that they need.

Nokia Modern Mayor brings gaming to sustainability

How do you communicate effectively to a younger generation on sustainability? Gaming, of course.

Novo Nordisk teaches reputation protection through online games

Apps, maps and games came to the fore as sustainability communication tools in 2012.  A quirky favorite was Novo Nordisk's interactive business risk and reputation game.

When Novo Nordisk used Super Nintendo to teach about diabetes

A game about a disease may not seem like a great idea, but Captain Novolin, the diabetic superhero of this game sponsored by Novo Nordisk, won praise from families and health professionals. as well as the kids playing it.