Charmin embarks on a beach toilet Relief Project

Many thousands of Americans visit the beach every summer, and it would seem most pee in the sea. One of the reasons, Charmin suggests, could be because beach bathrooms are notoriously poorly maintained - they’re likely to be dirty, and the toilet paper (if there’s any left) of poor quality.

Doritos Rainbows puts product at the heart of pride

Multi-colored potato chips may not sound the most appealing idea, but Doritos Rainbows proved so popular, they sold out in a week. The appeal probably wasn’t the product itself, but more the message, and the support each purchase provided.

Highwater Line uses art to visualize climate change

We have all seen and read the warnings about rising sea levels as temperatures increase, but it’s difficult to envision what that would mean to our own city or neighborhood.

How AB InBev is beering its way to responsibility

Brewing beer is a process that faces a lot of challenges when it comes to sustainability - not least because of the amount of energy and water needed. But there is also the social responsibility aspect of a product which can be harmful to health and society.

Intel gets in your ear on healthy living

Technology giant, Intel, is carving a stake out of the of the wearables market by thinking outside of the box, not going for the obvious smart-watch or fitness band route. Instead Intel has developed a fitness tracking earphone, in collaboration with rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s company SMS Audio.

Kimberly-Clark's Costa Rican recycling push

Some countries embrace recycling more readily than others, and it’s probably fair to say that, in the past, Costa Rica was something of a laggard when it comes to reusing and repurposing waste.

Orange's Supercoders bring special powers to digital literacy

In conjunction with the European Union’s annual Code Week, Orange launched Supercoders, a day-long event run simultaneously at locations in France, Poland, Romania and Spain.to teach 10-13 years olds digital literacy and introduce them to the coding.

PepsiCo promoting sustainable lifestyles

PepsiCo has been active in fighting poor nutrition in its own backyard, with the food safety of low-income families in the USA having taken a huge plunge after 2008. Its Food for Good initiative was established in 2009 to provide underserved children in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Chicago with meals outside of school.

Smart's Electric Drive delivers in Hong Kong campaign

Daimler AG introduced the electric version of the famous Smart ForTwo design onto the market as a prototype in 2007, followed by a larger scale production in 2012. With a range of 80 miles and a top speed of 62 miles per hour, the Smart ED is a very capable urban car that has been used as the vehicle of choice for Daimler’s Car2Go car share service.

Veolia looks to keep Neat Streets in London

A campaign known as ‘Neat Streets’ has had a major impact on littering on one busy London street.