Branded Content

Autodesk turns to Buzzfeed for native advertising innovation boost

Buzzfeed teamed up with design software manufacturer Autodesk for this dedicated page, bringing together stories around construction and design.

Bank of America gets climate credibility with Quartz campaign

There was a lot of analysis of the 45th Annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The theme, The New Global Context, prompted much thought about the nature of that context - hope of a post-recession spring, or the gloom of impending disaster?

Citi goes native advertising with Forbes

Citi’s Progress Makers is an impressive global campaign, promoting how the bank provides the funds to make people’s bright ideas a reality. Now Citi’s communication of that campaign has extended into the realm of branded content.

Follow the Frog hops back for 2015

The Follow the Frog brand has become much more than a label assuring a product’s green credentials. Its latest edition, for 2014-15, is described as an “integrated experience” including companies, consumers and producers in more than 100 countries.

GE's Breakthrough with National Geographic branded content

A six-part National Geographic Channel series about science may not sound anything out of the ordinary, but Breakthrough really was a breakthrough in many ways.

How GE excels with a magazine mentality

General Electric (GE) is a master at producing shareable content for the social media age, and its smart use of blogs and online magazines for storytelling provides a model that others could learn from. Its platforms are varied, but all work well on their own terms.

Illy's coffee doc sets a high bar for branded content

Smart brands know that interesting people and engaging stories make great marketing, and coffee brand Illy has both at their fingertips, thanks to the inspirational work of a group of women in rural Costa Rica, whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world.

Philips and Telegraph team up for 100 Days of Innovation

Philips has been producing innovative products for more than a century, but life-changing developments are often taken for granted.

Why sleep matters to Aetna

We hear a lot about the importance of diet and exercise, but one factor that has a huge impact on health is often overlooked - sleep. Health insurance provider Aetna is aiming to raise awareness of how much a good night’s sleep matters.