Kingfisher helps employees bolt to the finish with pension app

There aren’t many topics less fun than pensions, but British retail company Kingfisher delivers an amusing approach for its employees with a pensions game app, Bolt to the Finish. The idea is to collect coins against the clock, avoiding obstacles on the way, and making sure you (as a bolt) don’t get caught by a nut.

Kmart brings employee perspective to its CR report App

Keen to show their commitment to the environment, and a desire to innovate, Kmart became the first retailer in Australia to use an app for a CSR report.

Mainpeople hopes a crazy ad will prompt more charitable giving

A man flails around in a lake - he’s clearly drowning. A group of assorted characters stands on the dock - they’re concerned to an extent, but more interested in spouting their own opinions than saving the poor guy in the water.

MyFord Mobile takes the guessing out of range anxiety

One of the biggest obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been the concern about their lack of range. In a conventional car, even if you’re heading out on a long road trip, and a full tank of gas won’t get you all the way, you know there are plenty of gas stations to refuel on the way.

Nike makes fitness creative with Outdo You

In case sharing the stats from your five mile bike ride to work or your three mile jog through the park at lunchtime just isn’t enough any more, Nike has taken the social sharing of workout achievements one step further with its Outdo You campaign.

Samsung channels the Bard into an educational app

Samsung Electronics and the Royal Shakespeare Company have partnered to create an app that enables users to study and experience the work of Britain’s most celebrated playwright in new ways.

Samsung's Look at Me app hopes to help children with autism

Samsung’s Look at Me app has been developed to help train children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to make eye contact and improve their communication skills.

Santam creates app to help keep a watchful eye on loved ones

The Be Safe App from South Africa’s Santam Insurance enables your loved ones to know where you are at any time - so they can be reassured that you’ve reached your destination, for instance, or are hiking in your favorite location.

Tesco teams up with Foodcloud to redistribute unsold food

Foodcloud is a social enterprise from Ireland that matches charities and community groups with businesses looking to offload excess food before its sell-by date through the use of smartphone app.

Wise drinking? There's a Pernod Ricard app for that

Very much on the soft side of sustainability, Pernod Ricard has produced a responsible-drinking app to promote moderation through information and an engaging interface.


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