Responsible Consumption & Production

Unilever combines with Save the Children to provide basic nutrition

Partnering with Save the Children, Unilever’s Every One campaign aims to offer 2 million children in developing countries basic nutrition by 2016.

Unilever's crowdsourced lab for sustainable living

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Lab, an online collaboration platform to help the multinational achieve its very ambitious sustainability targets for 2020, is an interesting blueprint for what curated crowdsourcing could achieve if adopted on a wider scale.

Unlearn steers Ford towards mobility

It used to be that automakers wanted to talk about the thrill of driving their vehicles and little else. Now though, as they face up to the challenges of climate change emissions, the advent of self-driving cars and ever greater sustainability concerns, automakers are looking to emphasize the larger role they play in society.

Veolia offers editorial inspiration with #LivingCircular

#LivingCircular is an online resource by French multinational, Veolia, which aims to provide inspiration and to share ideas on sustainable models for future growth. Veolia’s work - in water, waste, energy and transport - faces a range of sustainability challenges, so this platform offers a space to share ideas and highlight some success stories.

Veolia shows how it resources the world

Veolia has been involved in water, energy and waste for 160 years. In recent years, the French transnational corporation has been keen to demonstrate its sustainability credentials, however.

Virgin America turns for Circle Up for good food

When you think airline food, quality isn't the first thing that comes to mind. This is where Circle Up and Virgin America hope to offer something new.  

Why Sainsbury's chose a small town to help waste less and save more

The UK’s third largest supermarket chain stepped up its fight against food waste  in 2016 with its Waste Less, Save More campaign designed to encourage shoppers to make use of the food they buy.

Wise drinking? There's a Pernod Ricard app for that

Very much on the soft side of sustainability, Pernod Ricard has produced a responsible-drinking app to promote moderation through information and an engaging interface.

WISErg: Turning food waste into fertiliser

Food waste is one of the biggest sustainability problems face by a modern consumption-driven society. To tackle this issue, WISErg was founded in 2009 by a couple of ex-Microsoft executives driven by the ingenious idea of creating products from waste.

WWF's secret soy alert

Most of us in the western world eat way more soy than we probably think. How so? Because it’s in the meat products that fill our fridges and that we include in many of our meals.