Responsible Consumption & Production

How AB InBev is beering its way to responsibility

Brewing beer is a process that faces a lot of challenges when it comes to sustainability - not least because of the amount of energy and water needed. But there is also the social responsibility aspect of a product which can be harmful to health and society.

How much sugar do your kids have? There's an app for that

Health professionals say children in England are consuming three times more sugar than the advised limit, and it is often ‘hidden’ in foods which may seem relatively healthy.

IBM brings 3D printing to microchip prototyping

3D printing is disrupting the existing methods and supply chains for prototyping, greatly reducing costs, time and carbon footprint.

Igloo's iFreeze looks to reduce food waste

Food waste is a major sustainability issue throughout the industrialized world, with millions of tonnes thrown out, costing households billions of dollars. Much of this could be saved, if consumers planned ahead and made better use of freezers.

Ikea's second hand sale success

As part of an eight-week ad campaign, IKEA created a virtual flea market for its used furniture in Norway. Ads were created for each piece of furniture and incorporated the seller’s contact details so individuals could arrange the sales independently. IKEA’s own furniture sales figures during this time still somehow managed to increase. 

It Can Wait's Unseen phone threat

AT&T’s ‘It Can Wait’ campaign has been running for six years now, and has enlisted 10 million to take the pledge not to answer their cell phone while driving.

Johnnie Walker makes a smashing race car stunt to discourage drink driving

Whisky brand Johnnie Walker teamed up with Uber for this Christmas 2014 feature, an extension of its larger Join the Pact drink/drive campaign.

Kellogg's embraces sustainable palm oil policy

American cereal giant Kellogg’s is a large user of palm oil, the production of which is linked with deforestation and environmental degradation.

Kellogg's shakes up its supply chain to be more sustainable

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of cereals, Kellogg’s uses a colossal amount of grain and other crops in its production. Ensuring a sustainable supply chain for those raw materials is a real challenge.